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Chokum Chingo's

Chartered: 7 December 1991 

Chokum Chingo's - "Little Friends". When the Pup Tent was first organized, it was decided that we were the smallest and newest Pup Tent within the Grand so let's just face up to it. We will be the Little Ones and friends to all. Today we see ourselves in a far different light. We are, and strive to be, the best friends to all but we also say we are little but the biggest workers of the Grand. Institution of the Pup Tent was accomplished on the 7th of December 1991. The installing Officer was then Grand Commander Lou Harmon. The original membership was 30 Charter Members. Since 1991 the membership goal of 100% set by Supreme has been met and exceeded to the point that membership in 2001 was at 56. Over the past 10 years over 41 members have either answered the Final Roll Call, transferred or just dropped out. The dedicated service and efforts of the membership has resulted in the completion of all programs and projects of the Grand and Supreme. Goals as set forth were met and/or exceeded and in some cases by more than 100%. In 1998 The Chingos initiated the Paddy Daddy Program to assist the Grand in the Special Projects Program. Each year a Membership picnic is held with the families in attendance. The results of this event bring a large increase in support from the families toward the activities undertaken by the members. This support exemplifies the current motto of "Together". On the subject of motto "Keep Them Smiling in Beds of White", support of the Old Folks Handicap Home is proof we do. The membership roll proves we cause VFW members to "Take Backward Steps".


Pacific Hotel
301-4 Shinjang-2Dong
Songtan-Si, Pyongtaek
South Korea, 459-122 


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