Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States

Hill 180 Memorial Post 10216

Songtan, Korea

4 August 2005


Canteen By-Laws & House Rules






Section 101 -- Organization: Hill 180 Memorial Post 10216 (hereafter Post), Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (hereafter, VFW), Songtan, Republic of Korea (hereafter ROK), shall operate as a non-profit, patriotic, social, fraternal and educational association of U. S. Citizen Veterans, under the VFW National Headquarters, and its Congressional Charter granted May 28, 1936, as amended.  The Post Canteen services governance shall be as follows:


        (a) Pursuant to the By-Laws and Manual of Procedure of the VFW, the By-Laws Department of Pacific Areas, orders issued by the authority of the National Convention, National Council of Administration, the Commander-in-Chief, the Department Convention, Department Council of Administration and the Commander Department of the Pacific Area, as well as By-Laws of District III (Korea).


     (b) By provisions of the United States and ROK Status of Forces Agreement (hereafter, SOFA) as governed by the various implementing regulations; appropriate Laws, Regulations, and Licensing requirements of the ROK and its subordinate agencies and governing bodies.


        (c) The rules set forth herein and as directed by the general membership of the Post.


        (d) “He, His, Him” as used in these By-Laws and House Rules shall include both male and female persons.


Section102-- Purpose: The purpose of these Canteen By-Laws and House Rules are to implement the policy, procedures, and rules for operation of the Post Canteen services that shall be managed by a House Rules Committee (hereafter HRC). The Canteen services are considered an integral part of the Post Home and as such the Post Canteen is considered and operated as the Post Home and is referred to exclusively as the "Canteen" to avoid any possible confusion.


Section 102 -- Scope: Procedures and rules set forth herein are applicable to Post membership, Canteen employees and all others who avail themselves of the Canteen services.  Entrance to the Canteen premises implies consent to abide by the rules stated herein.








Section 201 – Post Commander:


(a) Shall ensure the HRC adheres to all by-laws, directives and regulations in Section101 (a), (b) and (c) above.


(b) The Post Commander shall serve as an advisor to the HRC (non-voting) or in his absence the Commander may appoint the SVC or JVC to serve as an advisor to the HRC. 


(c) Will appoint a minimum of four (4) members to the HRC.


Section 201 – Post Quartermaster:


          (a) By virtue of his Post position shall serve as the HRC Treasurer (non-voting).


          (b) Will meet all expenses incurred by the Canteen in the event revenue fails to meet operating expenses, within any monetary limits imposed by the Post membership.


          (c) Shall collect revenue monthly from the Canteen Manager at the Post Monthly Meeting (1st Thursday of each month).  Will provide a Receipt for received money and inform the Canteen Manager as to the current balance of available canteen funds. 


          (d) Shall receive a profit and loss statement from the Canteen Manager at the end of each month and verify its accuracy by the bills and/or vouchers submitted with the statement.


Section 203 – House Rules Committee: The HRC shall consist of a minimum of five (5) voting members; one (1) will be elected annually by the Post membership as Chairman, with four (4) members appointed by the Post Commander serving at his pleasure. The elected member will not be considered a Post officer pursuant to Section 216 of the National By–Laws.  No member of the committee shall be a Post Trustee nor serve as Canteen Manager.  The committee may elect at the first meeting in June a HRC Vice Chairman who will act in the absence of the Chairman.  The following are specifics for management and responsibilities of the HRC;


(a) Reports directly to the Post Commander and is responsible to the Commander and membership of the Post for implementing and enforcing the by-laws and rules stated herein.   The HRC will be cognizant that its responsibilities do not expand beyond that of operation of the Post Home and Canteen operations – it shall not dictate VFW operations.


(b)  Shall be the arbitrator on all matters pertaining to infractions occurring upon the premises of the Canteen and make recommendations to the Post membership.


(c)  Ensures compliance with the By-Laws and Manual of Procedure of the VFW and provisions governing the SOFA, as well as the appropriate Laws, Regulations, and Licensing requirements of the Republic of Korea and its subordinate agencies and governing bodies are adhered to in the conduct of business and operation of the Canteen.


(d)  Holds regular meeting on the last Thursday of each month at 1830 hours at the Canteen, with special meetings called as required. The meetings are called to discuss business affecting the Canteen, making such recommendations as deemed necessary for ratification by the Post membership or taking such actions as appropriate within the committee’s purview. Any Post member may attend a HRC meeting, however, will not be allowed to participate unless recognized by the Chairperson.


        (e)  When necessary for the timeliness of decisions and at the discretion of the HRC Chairman or Vice Chairman, routine business may be transacted with votes conducted either telephonically or via e-mail.   A Memorandum regarding such votes will be created and kept on file by the HRC.   Emergency Business may be transacted with votes conducted either telephonically or via e-mail; however, a special meeting shall be held as soon as possible to confirm the action and/or decision.   Monthly or special meetings are NOT to be conducted in this manner.


         (f)  Interview and select prospective employee applications for the position of Canteen

       Manager, and maintain on file a current job description for the position.


        (g) Shall ensure ANY mismanagement or misconduct will be brought to the immediate attention of the HRC Chairman, and the Post Commander, and will be dealt with pursuant to the Post Adjutant/ Quartermaster Operations Manual and the rules set forth herein.


        (h) Serves as an adjudication and appeals committee for all canteen debarments, dismissed canteen employees, and any and all conflicts that arise at the Canteen.


        (i)   Any Post member may attend a HRC meeting, however, will not be allowed to participate unless recognized by the Chairperson.


Section 204 -- HRC Chairman:


          (a) Will chair the HRC and present its findings, rulings, and any other Canteen business deemed necessary to the Post membership.


          (b) Ensure the rules and standards of conduct set forth herein are adhered to by all canteen employees and patrons.


          (c) Work with the Post Commander and Canteen Manager to determine the optimum operating hours for the Canteen operations.


          (d) Review the canteen’s operating books monthly.  Any discrepancies or questions will be brought to the attention of the HRC Treasurer immediately.


(e) Act as Liaise with the property owner in matters that need attention.


Section 205 – Canteen Manager: The manager has the authority and responsibilities to;


          (a)  Interview and select prospective applicants for all canteen employee positions.


          (b) Hire, evaluate and discharge employees, with the approval of the HRC.

          (c) Remove for cause any bartender or waitress whose performance, standards, or ethics are considered substandard.  The dismissed employee will have the right of appeal to the HRC.  The Canteen Manager will inform the HRC on any appeal request by a bartender/waitress being removed for cause.  The HRC will hold a meeting within ten (10) days of notice of appeal.   A majority vote of the HRC members present are required to uphold an appeal, otherwise the termination for cause will stand.

          (d) Refuse service to anyone violating the rules of these By-Laws. Additionally, he may recommend debarment when deemed necessary.  Recommendations will be reported immediately to the Chairman of the HRC and Post Commander.  The Post Advocate will dispatch a letter to the offender once the debarment has been approved after HRC review.  (NOTE:  Should any member of the Post be expelled for misconduct, they shall have ten (10) days from the date of debarment to appeal to the HRC for a ruling.  This appeal must be made in writing and the debarment shall be enforced from the day imposed until the HRC rules on the situation.)

          (e) Refer to Appendix 1 hereto for further job description and duties.







Section 301 – House Rules:  Procedures and rules set forth herein shall be strictly enforced.  Entrance in the Canteen premises implies consent by all persons to abide by said rules/procedures.  Failure to abide by these rules shall be just cause for rejection and/or debarment.


          (a)  Access – The Canteen is restricted exclusively to VFW members during VFW meetings and designated special functions.  The Canteen shall be open to VFW members, US and Korean Citizens and Third Country National (TCN) guests, at all other times during normal operating hours.


                   (1) All patrons of the Canteen shall be required to adhere to the rules of operation and regulations governing the Canteen as set forth in these House Rules.   All Guests will sign the Guest Book; normally a VFW member will be authorized three (3) guests at a time. Requests to exceed three Guests for special occasions are subject to the approval of the Canteen Manager and as necessary the HRC.


                   (2) There will be no special guest, local member or other type of Canteen “Identification Cards” authorized.


                   (3) Members of any other VFW Post will be considered as regular members of the Canteen and subject to its operations.


                   (4) Active Duty U.S. Military Service members who are not members of the VFW will be allowed entrance as a “Guest”.


          (b)   Games – Are played for recreational purposes only. Caution: All forms of Gambling are strictly forbidden.  


                    (1) Recreational games such as bar bingo, pull tabs, sports pools and card tournaments shall not be considered Gambling and permitted as a Canteen function and managed by the Canteen Manager.  


                    (2) The Canteen Manager will have authority to implement and manage this type of activity, i.e., sports pools, bingo, tabs, etc., as he/she determines beneficial to the Canteen. 


                    (3) The Canteen Manager will maintain written procedures for each activity; the Canteen Manager may change rules governing each activity after consultation with the HRC.  The HRC and Commander will conduct oversight of these procedures as required. 


                    (4) Participants in these activities do not have to be members of the Post nor of the VFW.


         (c)  Operating Hours – The Canteen operating hours will be consistent with the Pyongtaek     Tourist Club hours established by the Osan Air Base and Area III Commander, and Republic of Korea Government.   At no time will the Canteen remain open past the established hours, however, the Canteen Manager, after examination of hours open, can make recommendations to the HRC and Post Commander as to whether or not it is in the best interest of the Canteen to remain open when there is minimal member/guest participation.




                  (1) The operating hours for the Canteen and services are as follows:


·         Monday through Thursday – 1600 until 2400


·         Sunday and Holidays – 1300 until 2400


·         Friday and workdays prior to Holidays – 1600 until 0100


·         Saturdays and Sundays prior to Holidays – 1300 until 0100


                   (2) HRC Chairman, in agreement with the Post Commander and Canteen Manager may   shift the operating hours no more than one hour without the approval of the general membership.  Such changes will be posted at the Canteen two (2) days prior to the change taking affect.


                  (3) The Canteen Manager has discretionary authority to close the Canteen prior to the established closing time if deemed necessary. Only the Canteen Manager will exercise this authority.


          (d) Canteen Services – The Canteen provides a location and venue for recreational activities to VFW members and their guests.  All authorized members and guests are allowed to utilize canteen services while visiting the Canteen.   The following regulation and procedures apply to all Canteen services:


                  (1) The operating hours for services will be the same as listed above.


                  (2) "Last Call" for services will commence 30 minutes prior to closing.  Any and all beer previously purchased and stored in Canteen services coolers but not drank by "Last Call" shall become property of Canteen services and be included in the evening inventory. Canteen employees will retrieve all drinks not consumed at the time of closing. All non-employees will depart the Canteen no later than the established closing time.


                  (3) All drinks must be consumed by closing.  Canteen employees will remove all drinks not consumed at closing time.


                  (4) All food and beverages offered for sale, within the Canteen, will be purchased by the Canteen.


                  (5) All beverages consumed in the Canteen must be purchased through the Canteen services and consumed in the Canteen.


                  (6) Exception to paragraph above is as follows:


·         Liquor authorized for storage in Canteen liquor lockers.


·         A patron may hand-carry a bottle of water into the Canteen, or six-packs of beer that may not be completely consumed at one time.  Storing of large quantities or cases of beer and other obvious abuse of these rules is prohibited.


·         All set-ups from private liquor bottles an individual cans will be served by the Canteen services bartender/waitress only. No private liquor bottles (to include miniatures) will be allowed on the bar or tables under any circumstances. All mixes for set-ups will be furnished by Canteen services. Post members may not bring their own mix or mix their own drinks. The patron having a bottle may remove the bottle from his/her locker and give it to the bartender/waitress for dispensing or ask the bartender/waitress to remove it from the locker or retrieve it from storage in the cabinet.   A patron-bought beer will be considered the same price as a set-up.


·         The Canteen Manager has the authority to contract the use of the Canteen for private parties or functions during other than normal operating hours as long as it does not conflict with other scheduled Canteen activities.  No activities will be conducted in the Canteen during other than normal operating hours that do not benefit the home.


                  (7) The Canteen Manager has the authority to permit the use of the Canteen for meetings and functions of other military related Organizations during other than normal operating hours, or during normal operating hours as long as Canteen does not have to be closed, or the access of regular members restricted.


       (8) Profanity and anti-social conduct is strictly forbidden.  Violators will be required to leave.


       (9) Pets are forbidden access to the Canteen at all times, with the exception of Seeing Eye dogs.


       (10) Canteen service sales will operate from the Korean (Won) currency.  All prices will be posted in Korean Won.  Dollars can be accepted.  The Won/Dollar exchange ratio will be set rounded W100 below the daily Won rate posted at the Osan Air Base Community Bank.  Rates should be checked at least weekly by the Canteen Manager and implemented at the discretion of the Manager as required.  Changes should be in W100 increments rounded to the nearest 100 rate. For example, if the posted Bank rate is 1030 won/dollar, then the VFW rate would be 1000.  Only limited Won/Dollar exchanges are authorized to make change on purchases.


     (11) The Canteen will not accept personal checks.


     (12) Dress will be in accordance with the established dress code set forth by the SOFA and its controlling directives.


(13) The Canteen Manager has exclusive authority over Canteen employees.


(14) All complaints concerning Canteen services or employees will be first brought to the attention of the Canteen Manager.  If not resolved to complainant’s satisfaction, then they will be addressed to the HRC.


(15) Absolutely no intimidation or harassment toward Canteen employees will be tolerated at anytime.


(16) The Canteen Manager has the right to refuse service to anyone violating the above rules, and ask them to leave the premises.   Additionally, he may recommend debarment when deemed necessary.  Any recommended debarments will be reported immediately to the Chairman of the HRC and Post Commander.  The Post Advocate will dispatch a letter to the offender once the debarment has been approved after HRC review.  (NOTE:  Should any member of the Post be expelled for misconduct, they shall have ten (10) days from the date of debarment to appeal to the HRC for a ruling.  This appeal shall be made in writing and the debarment shall be enforced from the day imposed until the HRC rules on the situation.)


(17) Only Canteen employees and Post officers designated by name and position are authorized behind the bar.  However, for purposes of cooking and aiding the Canteen or in situations when necessary, the Canteen Manager, or if not present, senior Post officer, can approve access behind the bar.  In the absence of the aforementioned people the on-duty bartender has the approval/disapproval authority.

(18) Bartenders/waitresses shall not solicit drinks.


(19) Post officers are authorized and expected to enforce these By-Laws.






(20) Canteen Manager and elected Post officers will assist in Canteen operations when required.  In an extended absence of the Canteen Manage (e.g., vacation), the Manager may appoint in writing a person who will temporarily act as Canteen Manager.  This letter will be posted at the Canteen.

(21) If the American Flag is displayed outside the entrance of the Canteen, it will be retired at nightfall each day.

(22) The Canteen may sponsor up to two Dart Teams as part of the Songtan Dart League.  Sponsorship was approved by previous VFW membership vote.  The Canteen Manger will ensure the dart area is configured to comply with League requirements and pay entry fees for two teams from Canteen operating expenses.  Incidental expenses such as dartboards, markers, etc., will come from Canteen expenses.


(23) The Canteen Manager, in conjunction with the HRC, will develop a long-range plan for “capital improvement” of the Canteen.  Examples are computers, major construction such as shelving or bar improvements, air conditioners, etc.  The Commander and Post members will approve recommendations for these improvements during a general membership meeting.


(24) There will be “no smoking” during general membership meetings.  This “no smoking” policy applies only to VFW membership meetings and is not intended to implement a no smoking ban for the Canteen.  Members may request a “smoking break” during the normal meeting; during these breaks, the designated smoking area will be outside the Canteen.  The purpose of this clause is to respect the health requirements of our members who desire to attend a meeting, but cannot physically tolerate smoke.


(25) There will be “no drinking of alcoholic beverages” during Post general membership meetings, in accordance with established VFW National by-laws.


(26) Food and beverages provided by the Canteen for Friday Evenings and special events shall be consumed on the premises.  It will not be brought outside the Canteen unless authorized by the Canteen Manager or Commander.  Examples of exceptions to this rule include providing our Landlord or other recognized people with these condiments.

(27) Liquor lockers are the exclusive possession of Canteen services. They are for the sole purpose of storing liquor and personal items that are used in/at the Canteen by members of the VFW. This will include Post members and members in good standing from other VFW posts who frequent our Canteen.   Only the Canteen Manager will assign liquor lockers on a first come first served basis. The VFW and Canteen are not responsible for any articles left in the lockers.  The Canteen Services Manager and post officers will periodically assess locker assignments to ensure lockers are assigned to active members. Members in good standing may store their bottles/cans behind the bar so long as space permits. Canteen services employees are responsible to ensure liquor brought into the Canteen by members are solely used by that member or his/her guests. Post members assigned liquor lockers who do not use them within a 90 day period may have their bottle(s) removed and stored under the counter and the locker will be earmarked for assignment to the other members when necessary.

(28) Only designated VFW members will be allowed to enter the Canteen after normal operating hours.  This includes the Canteen Manager and elected officials of the Post.  Entry will be for official VFW business only, such as to obtain items stored in the canteen, or to prepare for events such as Christmas Day, etc.  One of the above personnel may authorize entry to other individuals in order to support official VFW actions.   If possible, the Commander or Canteen Manager’s approval should be sought prior to entry.


(29) As part of our Post tradition, the Canteen is authorized to provide one free drink to a newly signed up member.  The receipt will be marked to indicate the purpose of the free drink to facilitate bookkeeping.  The Canteen is further authorized to provide one small VFW coin to new members.  The Canteen is further authorized to provide a free drink to VFW members visiting our Canteen for the first time.  This will be a one-time free drink and will be monitored by the Canteen Manager to the best of his ability.


(30) Keys to the Canteen will be stored with the receptionist of the Pacific Hotel.  At the Commander’s discretion he may authorize keys to be produced for himself and the Canteen Manager.


(e) MinorsNO minors will be permitted within the premises of the Canteen after 1800 hours.

      The two exceptions are when the Canteen is conducting a family restriction function (i.e., Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, etc.) and on the Friday Night Social Hour when the time for minors is 1900 hours. It is the responsibility of the minor's parents to ensure compliance


         (f)  Tips Shall be divided equally between Bartender(s) and Waitress(s).


        (g)  Alcohol – Bartender(s) and Waitress(s) shall not consume alcohol while on duty.


         (h) Employee Job Descriptions and Wages/Salaries – Refer to Appendixes to these Canteen By-Laws and House Rules for guidance and regulations.  


Section 302 – Amendments to House Rules:  These House Rules may be changed and amended by the Post membership as follows;


          (a) Any member in good standing in the Post may recommend changes to these rules by submitting in writing to the HRC. The HRC will meet, discuss and recommend a course of action to the general membership assembled at a regular or special meeting.  If a special meeting is called, a ten (10) day notification will be sent to all members and posted on Post Canteen bulletin board.  The general membership shall have the authority to act on such recommendations by two-thirds (2/3) vote.


         (b) The HRC may by the use of appendixes hereto to amend operational matters, i.e., Operating Hours, Employment Conditions, and other necessary actions to insure the continued smooth operation of the Canteen.


         (c) Any actions taken under this section shall be subject only to Post membership approval/disapproval and need not be forwarded to Department for review unless in a revision to these By-Laws and House Rules.






Section 401 – Records: The Canteen Manager shall keep an accurate approved set of records and accounts.


Section 402 -- Discretionary Funds: The largest sum which the Canteen Manager may spend (discretionary) without a vote of the Post membership shall be $75.00 weekly.  The Canteen Manager may also expend a maximum of $50.00 per week to any designated individual for Friday food preparation.  This will not be considered part of the weekly “discretionary” expenditures.


Section 403 – Funding: All items and equipment that generates profits for the Canteen will be bought with canteen funds, e.g., dart boards, supplies such as eatery items, light bulbs, table clothes, etc.  This will include products for resale such as hats, shirts, coins, pins, etc.


Section 404 -- Emergence Expenditures:  The HRC, with the approval of the Post Commander may in cases of emergencies (i.e., emergency repairs) approve the expenditure of Post funds up to $200.00 to ensure smooth operation of canteen services.





Section 405–Operating Expenses: The HRC, Canteen Manager, Quartermaster, and Post Commander shall determine the amount of money to be held for Canteen operations.   This may include sufficient funds to defray rent, salaries, bonuses, utilities, and other expenditures associated with Canteen operations (Refer to Appendix 1 hereof; the Canteen Manager is required to pay all bills associated with Canteen operations, etc…). The Post Quartermaster will meet all expenses incurred by the Canteen in the event revenues fail to meet operating expenses, within any monetary limits imposed by the Post membership.


Section 406 – Turnover of Funds: The HRC and Canteen Manager shall turn over to the Post Quartermaster if moneys available, at least weekly, all net profits and property acquired over above specific sums which are prescribed in this Article, and which sum shall be retained for current Canteen expenditures.


Section 407 -- Profit and Loss Statement:  At the end of each month the Canteen Manager shall furnish the Post Quartermaster a complete written profit and loss statement.  The statement will be posted on the Post bulletin board and sums entered in the Post minutes.  Bills and/or Vouchers will support all expenditures and the format will be pursuant to the Quartermaster’s Manual.


Section 408 -- Canteen Fund: The Post shall maintain a separate “Canteen Fund” as part of the Accounting Ledger.  Once this fund reaches W200,000 the HRC Chairman and HRC will review the necessity to transfer excess funds into the General Fund.  If the Canteen Manager foresees impending costs that might require these funds, it will be discussed during the monthly HRC Meeting and a recommendation on “transfer of funds” made to the Post membership at the monthly Post meeting.


Section 409 – Review: The Canteen’s books and records will be reviewed at the end of each month

by the HRC Chairman. Any discrepancies will be brought to the attention of the HRC Treasurer immediately.  Additionally, the HRC and manager shall keep accurate books open to inspection of Post members’ at all reasonable times.


Section 41O – Audit: The Post Trustees shall audit the books and records of the Canteen a minimum of quarterly.   The Quarterly Canteen Audit will be attached to the Quarterly Audit of the Records of the Post Quartermaster.   Special Audits will be conducted upon the departure (for whatever reason) of the Canteen Manager, a change of the HRC Chairman and/or the Post Quartermaster, or any other Canteen employee or Post officer specifically designated to handle Canteen funds.






Section 501 -- Approval:  These Canteen By-Laws and House Rules will become effective immediately upon approval of the Department Commander of the Pacific areas.


Section 502 -- By–Laws Amendments: The Canteen By-Laws and House Rules may be amended or revised by two thirds (2/3) vote at a general or special meeting called for such purpose, provided, however, that notification shall be pursuant to Section 202 of the VFW National By-Laws.   Such amendments or revision shall be submitted to the Department Commander for review and approval. If District By-Laws dictate that amendments or revision to these Canteen By-Laws and House Rules shall be referred to District for recommendations prior to review by Department, then this shall be accomplished.


Section 503 – House Rules and Appendixes: Any amendments pursuant to Section 301 and Appendixes hereto need not be submitted for review and approval by Department unless they are inclusive in a revision to these By-Laws and House Rules. All amendments and/or revisions to the various other sections herein require review by Department as changes occur.


These Canteen By-Laws and House Rules were adopted, subject to the review and approval of the Department Commander, Department of Pacific Areas, VFW on the 4th day of August of  2005 at a regular membership meeting of Hill 180 Memorial Post 10216 the of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States in Sontang, Republic of Korea.




Official:                                                                                       Approved:


_____________________                                                            ___________________                                                                 

Adjutant & HRC Chairman                                                         Post Commander






Copy to:  Department Adjutant

                 Department Advocate

                 District III Commander



1. Canteen Manager – Job Description

2. Bartender/Waitress – Job Description

3. Janitor– Job Description

4. Paid Employees Wages and Salaries





1.         Responsible directly to the HRC and Post Commander for canteen services operations.


2.         Supervises canteen services staff.  Provide periodic feedback to employees on their performance, praise strong points and council on areas for improvement.  Any disciplinary actions will be documented in writing and provided to the HRC.  This documentation will provide justification for any future personnel actions.


3.         Will procures canteen services supplies, services and beverages.


4.         Monitors stock levels on a daily basis for accuracy.


5.         Ensures Canteen is clean for services operations, including all storage spaces and emergency exit areas.


6.        Pay rent, utilities, salaries and other debts arising out of canteen services operations. Bills will be paid each month in prioritization of: rent, utility expenses, bartender/waitress wages, and Canteen Services Manager wages. Bills, receipts or vouchers will support documentation of all expenditures.  If income for the month is less than expenses, the Canteen Manager will request shortfall from the Post Quartermaster.  Merchandise purchased by the Post General Fund shall not be credited as Canteen profits, i.e., caps, shirts, etc.  However, these profits will be annotated separately to provide the Post with an accounting of these purchases.  Submit all bills and receipts to the HRC Treasurer.  All revenues in excess of expenses will be given to the Post Quartermaster.


7.         Maintain canteen services financial records. At the end of each month the Canteen Services Manager shall furnish the Post Quartermaster a complete written profit and loss statement. The statement shall be posted on the post bulletin board and sums entered in the post minutes.


8.         Has authority to stop service to and expel customers who fail to comply with House Rules.


9.         Insure that any repairs needed to the canteen services area are accomplished and if outside help is required coordinate with the Post Commander.  Provide HRC and Post Commander written notification of any major repairs affecting the Canteen and periodic updates on status.


10.        Responsible for recommendation of hiring and removal of canteen services bartender/waitress and janitorial service employees. 


11.        Provide liaison with the landlord; advise landlord of any upcoming Post events that affect his facility; and coordinate for any repairs requiring landlord assistance. The Post Commander and HRC Chairman will assist as necessary.


12.               Shall be present for opening of canteen services when possible and periodically available at closing.  Will inspect inventory logs, review compliance with canteen procedures and regulations, and periodically poll canteen customers for comments. 


13.               Will develop written procedures for opening/closing of the canteen, brief bartenders/waitresses on these procedures, and ensure compliance.  HRC and Post Commander must approve these procedures and changes.



14.               Is responsible for coordinating Canteen activities dependent on canteen operations.  Specifically, but not limited to the following: 


a.       Coordinate Friday evening food preparation by soliciting volunteers.  In the absence of volunteers, Canteen Services Manager will prepare a simple arrangement of food, i.e., sandwiches, hotdogs, etc.  The Canteen Manager is not expected to use their ration control plate for acquisition, and if necessary will buy food on Korean economy.


b.      Coordinate special events such as Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.  Prepare and monitor a volunteer list for food preparation and advise Post Commander of any shortfalls.  This will ensure a successful event.


15.               Will assist in canteen operations when required, for example, with the absence of bartender/waitress due to vacation/illness, etc., or during busy periods of business.   However, if this position must be filled for an extended period of time due to lack of employees or other extenuating circumstances, then they will be paid the minimum bartender’s salary.  Approval will be granted by the HRC.


16.     Will construct and maintain a Canteen Suggestion & Comments Box to allow an easy method for Post members to provide feedback.  Periodically review comments, constructively entertain suggestions for improvement, provide feedback to submitter, and advise HRC and Post Commander of any recommendations for adopting suggestions.


17.        Works under the guidance of and approved recommendations of the HRC and Post Commander.









1.         Serve drinks to customers.  Bartenders/waitresses will provide service in a courteous manner and avoid arguments with customers.  Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.  Refuses service to customers at the direction of the Canteen Manager. When necessary advise customers that they are not authorized to serve themselves.


2.         Maintains cleanliness of Canteen during operating hours.  Will maintain the bar and all areas behind the bar in a manner that is neat and orderly and presents an appearance of organization.  Clean the refrigerators and coolers as required.  Will assist in the cleaning of the food area following Friday’s food or other events as necessary.  Any remaining food items will be placed out as “free” snacks the following day.  Otherwise, items will be either disposed of or taken home.


3.         Order canteen beverages and supplies as necessary.


4.         Understands and uses cash register for all transactions and give receipts to customers.


5.         Work under the supervision of the Canteen Services Manager.


6.         Be familiar and comply with opening/closing procedures.  Perform daily inventory of canteen stock at the end of the business day.


7.         Report any disturbances and/or rules infractions in the Canteen area to the Canteen Manager and Post Commander or senior Post official.  If required, immediately call law enforcement personnel (Osan Air Base Town Patrol or KNP).


8.         Call Canteen Manager and alternate worker when unable to come to work for any reason.


9.         Keep the Canteen Manager informed of any and all discrepancies noted in the canteen (supply shortage, inoperative equipment, etc.).


10.        Bartenders/waitresses shall not solicit drinks.


11.        Have to right to appeal counseling/disciplinary and/or firing actions to the HRC.

Appendix 3 – JANITORS







1.       Maintain cleanliness of Canteen with cleaning to be performed during non-operating hours.


2.       On a daily basis; mop, sweep, dust, take out trash and wash dishes that were not washed during normal operating hours, clean and disinfect the bathroom, etc…


3.       Minimum of once a week; clean all glass and mirrors, polish bar stools, chair and table bottoms (platform portions), or any other cleaning deemed necessary by the Canteen Manager.


4.      Clean and disinfect the bathroom and empty all accumulated waste receptacles daily.


5.       Works only under the supervision of the Canteen Manager or Post Commander.

























VFW POST 10216




                          1.    Canteen Manager:


                                      (a) Starting Salary – Negotiable, but not to exceed $600.00 per month and approved by the HRC.


                             (b) Increases – Will be approved by the general membership.


                   2.      Bartender/Waitress:


                            (a) Starting Salary – Negotiable, approved by the HRC.


                              (b) Increases – Will be based on performance, as recommended by the Canteen Manager to the HRC.


                             (c) Review – HRC will review salaries every six months and make any recommendation for any increases to the general member ship for approval or disapproval.


      (d) Bonuses: Bartenders/Waitresses may receive holiday bonuses twice a year (Chu Sok and Lunar New Year). The bonuses will be determined annually by the HRC based on canteen services revenue strength and shall be approved/revised or disapproved by the general membership.  These bonuses will be paid from the Post’s general fund.


      (e) Drink Commissions: Bartender/Waitress drink commissions will be set by the HRC with general membership approval.  The bartenders/waitresses will receive 50% of that set price payable upon the establishment payday (normally the first day of each month. 


3.    Janitorial Services:


                          (a) Starting salary – W130,000 per month.


                            b) Increases of W10,000 per month at six month intervals for the first year, not to exceed W150,000 per month, based on performance. Annual increases will be given after the first year at W20,000 per month not to exceed W190,000 per month also based on performance.


                          (c) The HRC will review salaries every six months and make recommendations for any increases to the general membership for approval/disapproval.